Whether you’re a brokerage creating property listings, or an Airbnb host sharing short term rentals, great lighting can make or break your 3D tour. After all, viewers want to be able to see your scanned interior as clearly as possible. While The 3D App is made to tackle most any lighting situation with grace, the following tips will ensure you end up with a 10/10 scan, ensuring your listings and home tours receive more views and better bookings, every time.

Check the weather report

Gray days make greater scans. While most of us thrive on sunny weather, a scans best friend is actually an overcast afternoon. This is because bright sun can create oversaturated points in a room, as well as shifts in lighting that have the potential to lower your overall scan quality. If you are able, plan to scan on a cloudy day for results that wow.

Pull the curtains

Mask any uneven sunspots by pulling the curtains over bright windows before you jump into scanning. Take a minute before you begin your scan to walk through the space and adjust any curtains where the sun might be pouring in so nothing trips you up as you go. 

Flip on the overheads

Flooding your space with the predictable lighting of overhead fixtures will ensure every nook and cranny of your scan comes out clear and visible. Don’t forget to flip it on anywhere your space might feature it, including hallways and even closets if possible. If it’s part of your space, we want to see it!

Avoid relying on mood lighting

Don’t rely on lamps or creative mood lighting exclusively. A dimly lit room does not a good scan make. However, certain creative lighting options can look great in addition to overhead lighting. Once the overheads are on, feel free to set the tone with a few table lamps, track lights, or even neons. Just take care to avoid lighting options that move such as color-changing lamps or discoballs (we know you’re out there), as they can cause motion blurs or unpredictable results on your finished scan.

Now that you’re a lighting expert, it’s time to test out your skills! Download The 3D App here and get scanning!