Winter is just around the corner, and we're planning on spending a LOT more time in our homes... which can start to feel a little cramped when we don't have beautiful weather waiting go greet us as we step outside.

We get it – we all want more space. But what if we told you there was a way to increase the appearance of space in your home without having to move house, knock down a wall, or go full Marie Kondo on your comic book collection?

Drumroll please...

The solution is… a mirror.

Yeah okay, we know what you’re thinking– this is hardly revolutionary. Everybody knows that adding an accent mirror to a small space can make it appear larger, thanks to the optical illusion a cleverly placed mirror provides. However, when you consider the cost, it’s no wonder more people aren’t mounting statement mirroring in their home– oversize and unique mirrors can run you upwards of $1,000 or more– enough for the average design hopeful to ditch browsing home goods on West Elm in favor of scrolling listings on Zillow.

Fortunately, for those of us who wish for the impossible– wide space on a wee budget –we got you. These 5 budget-friendly TikTok mirror hacks are truly reflective of our interior design goals:

Create the illusion of an endless and light-filled entreeway with this clever 4-mirror wall mount. It’s amazing how expensive this looks considering how affordable, and quick to assemble it was. Try it with different frame styles to make it your own:

Go mid century modern without the price tag. This statement-mirror wall was put together with minimal expertise on a dollar store budget. What a great idea to dress up a living or dining room. Let your imagination run wild with this idea:

A more detailed play on the first tutorial that leaves room for further customization. This IKEA hack uses small framed mirrors in a tiled effect that allows you to assemble your own wall of mirroring in any custom size. A worthy “add to cart” during the next IKEA sale, indeed:

Speaking of tiling, frameless mirrors are an affordable and chic way to spruce up a wall. The styling in this TikTok really showcases the magic of adding mirrors to your living space to increase the light and draw attention to your decor:

No wall space? No problem! This easy mirror cube makes an unexpected side table or shelf riser, and the panels are large enough to do what a good mirror should– create the illusion of negative space and reflect more light throughout the room.

Feeling inspired? We’d love to see how you utilize these hacks in your own space. Download The 3D App today to scan your interior!