Whether you’re getting ready to show your property, or you’re about to embark on the daunting task of house hunting, your options for viewing a property can vary dramatically depending on where you’re looking. So what’s the difference between a private showing, and the classic open house? How exactly does a lockbox showing work, and why should you familiarize yourself with virtual touring? 

We unpack these four most common ways to tour a property below.

Private Showing

Got serious inquiries? A private showing involves just you and the potential buyer. This could be the first time the client has seen the property, or it could come after they’ve attended an open house and/or toured the property virtually. Clients will expect to be shown the space and will likely come with plenty of questions and concerns for the property owner/realtor. Private showings can happen at any property of any value, but they are mainly reserved for high price-point properties, spaces where the prior tenant still resides, and as a final showing option for very serious potential buyers/renters. 

Lockbox Showing

The most private of private tours. A lockbox showing is a self-guided tour, sans agent. In this scenario, the realtor or property owner will leave the keys inside of a lock box and give the client a code to retrieve them. Once inside, the client is free to text or call the realtor with any specific questions. This is an ideal option for an empty property with sporadic interest. Buyers and renters are on their own schedule, which means more freedom on either side. A lockbox showing is ideal for both serious and casual clients, and when paired with a virtual tour, can be the biggest time saver for both the interested party and the agent. 

Open House

One and done. An open house means all interested parties arrive at once to see a space. This can mean a realtor giving multiple guided tours throughout the afternoon to small groups, or simply hanging back and fielding questions while guests explore. Higher ticket properties may include staging and refreshments to enhance the touring experience. Applications should be on hand to fill out for review the following day. Combining an open house with a virtual tour is a great way to move a property efficiently, while weeding out many non-committal clients. 

Virtual Tour

Virtual touring goes hand-in-hand with any in-person property showing, and is key to saving  tons of time for both property owners and agents, as well as those looking to rent or buy. A virtual tour allows clients to get an accurate view of a space via their computer or smart device. A good virtual tour will include a rotating floor plan with room measurements, plus a walkthrough option allowing clients to move throughout the space organically with the ability to view each from every angle. 

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