The thing about technology is that once you’re onto a good idea, the possibilities are seemingly endless. That’s what’s so exciting about being a part of The 3D App team– we’re watching you take our good idea and do incredible things with it– some, way beyond our original scope of imagination!

Of course, you may be reading this and simply thinking– “you keep telling me how great The 3D App is, but how exactly can it benefit me??”. Lucky for you, we’re about to explain all that right now.

You see, creating 3D tours used to be a process best left to the professionals, and generally reserved for major brokerages and big time property agents. With The 3D App, we’ve changed all that. Virtual touring is now easier than ever before, with our software that requires only our app and your smart device.

What does this mean? It means that virtual touring is now within reach for all sorts of scenarios. Read on to learn about 5 ways that The 3D App can work for you– whether real estate is your game– or not!

Sublet like a boss

Planning to winter out west, or summer someplace exotic? Let us be your partner in finding a timely subletter for your home. Your chances of picking out the perfect candidate to hold down the fort while you’re away will increase exponentially when you include a 3D tour of your space that gives your potentials a clear view of their new temporary home.

Take your brokerage to the next level

We’re here for the little and the big guys, alike. We’re easier to use than our equipment-heavy competition, yet affordable enough for a team of two. Your start-up brokerage can play in the big leagues thanks to us, with accessible virtual touring that rivals larger real estate firms. Our job is to make you look good, so you can focus on growing your business. You’re welcome.

Airbnb goes Air-3-and-D

Nobody said you had to post a 3D tour in order to get bookings at your Airbnb, and yet we have to wonder why anyone would hesitate? Sure, manicured images of your snowed-in cottage or your sun-flooded beach bungalow do plenty for your listing. But give guests the option to tour your space virtually, and your bookings are guaranteed to roll in. With The 3D App, guests can imagine themselves in your space easier than ever before. What could feel more accommodating than that? An experience that begins before they book is what we’re here to help you do– and for a price your “cleaning fees” can more than cover.

Event space showcase

Got a great space that’s available by the hour? From wedding venues to photo studios, virtual touring is a priceless way to make your offer crystal clear to potential clients. What’s a better time saver then allowing interested parties to tour online before booking a showing in person? The 3D App helps you cut down on the number of non-serious inquiries, giving you back the time it takes to give in-person tours to those who are still in the “shopping around” phase. Plus, we must admit, we look really nice embedded on your website.

Interior design shine

It can be challenging to capture the nature of interior design with photos alone. If only it were possible to allow people to experience an interior the way they might if they were to walk into it IRL… That’s where we come in. Interior designers of all skill levels can utilize The 3D App to create experiential tours of the spaces they’ve designed and decorated, to give anyone the option of stepping inside, no matter how near or far. Showcase your work in an online portfolio featuring interior tours to highlight all your masterpieces, from minimal to midcentury modern.

The 3D App is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Ready to dive in? Get started here.