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What’s more ambitious than making a virtual tour of a 56 story residential building? Renovating it.

That’s just what’s been going on at New York City’s impressive 1 Wall Street building. Constructed between 1929 and 1931, the highrise – a real estate broker’s dream – is situated in NYC’s historic Financial District. It was originally built as the Irving Trust Company Bank building, which housed the headquarters of the fabled bank.

So what did it take to transform this art deco office building into a 566 unit residential and commercial space? Of note– a major addition to the building, which includes commercial space for a Whole Foods and fitness center on the lower levels. The addition has made this the largest office-to-residential conversion project in New York City’s history. 

Maintaining the integrity of the space, Macklowe Properties– the proprietor of the structure– poured over 1 million dollars alone into restoring the building's historic Red Room– a sprawling mosaic lobby originally designed as a public foyer for bank patrons. The project also included recreating the original entrance to the building, meticulously based on architect Ralph Walker's original sketches.

The units of the building's many residences are modern and luxurious, featuring spacious living quarters, updated appliances, and incredible views from the beautifully paned windows. The residential floors also feature shared common spaces for coworking or entertaining, as well as breathtaking outdoor areas for absorbing the sights of the city.

We were thrilled to scan highlights from this incredible project and we hope you’ll enjoy our virtual tour of 1 Wall Street below:

7th Floor 2 Bedroom Apartment

Shared workspace

A large condo

A closet-lovers dream